Lesbian Pride Butterfly Pins - Community Flag + Intersectional Flag - 25% to Charity!

$15.00 CAD








25% of profits from each of these pins goes to charities supporting LGBTQ+ youth! (half to the Trevor Project & half to the Happy Hippie Foundation)

Community Flag: The pink, orange, and white design represents the Community Lesbian Flag, which was introduced in 2018 and has since been widely adopted in the lesbian community. This is the newest addition to my pride pin collection :)

Intersectional Lesbian Flag (Blue/Purple): This intersectional and inclusive version was designed in April 2018 by Jace (Anurtransyl) and unveiled on Tumblr. The top two blue stripes represent loyalty and trust and the freedom to love women. The middle stripe represents trans and non-binary lesbians, and the bottom two purple stripes represent serenity and pride and love for oneself. The creator of this flag is an Arab-American Muslim lesbian who goes by Jace [She/her, he/him]. This flag was finalized with the help of many friends, and they made sure that the meanings of this flag represented that lesbians can be proud of their identity and love for women, they can find comfort in it. The blues were chosen for calmness, and the purples for lesbian history with the colors lavender & violet. Link to learn more: https://majesticmess.com/encyclopedia/lesbian-flag-anurtransyl/

Pin dimensions & specs:
1.5 inches, hard enamel, gold-coloured metal, double pinbacks, rubber clutches