Fundraiser for Gaza - B-Grade/Sold Out Mystery Sticker Bundle - FREE SHIPPING









Fundraiser for Gaza!

Get 1 Mystery Sticker Sheet and 3 Mystery Vinyl Stickers

*** All stickers will either have small flaws or will be old designs (or both) ***

100% of profits will be donated to Hakini and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

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Hakini is a Palestinian social enterprise that provides mental health services in Palestine and around the world and is a BuildPalestine fellow whom we have been working with for three years. The team at Hakini is working to set up an emergency hotline to provide psychological first aid for the people of Gaza. In partnership with BuildPalestine, Hakini is running a crowdfunding campaign to set up the hotline as soon as possible. Learn more about their plans and donate from here.

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) has an ongoing fundraiser for Gaza to provide urgent humanitarian and medical aid to injured and sick children in Gaza on a need basis. PCRF (1991) addresses medical and humanitarian Palestinian youth in Palestine and the Middle East. The organization helps provide free medical care for children who otherwise could not access it. Support the fundraising for Gaza here